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Our Website Is Getting a Major Facelift!

Coming Soon: Website Facelift

Within a few weeks your going to see a major change in the way our website looks. It's a complete overhaul that will make it much easier to use, provide new features, and be much more "user friendly." Your account and any orders you have will be completely fine — so you won't have to do a thing except enjoy the new and improved shopping experience. Learn more »

This Week's Specials

$31.16 (20% Off MSRP) $19.96 (20% Off MSRP)
Are you too often fatigued? Learn how Dr. T's S.H.I.N.E.® protocol can restore your vitality.
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Schedule a phone or in-person session with Dr. T or his staff. We can help you and your family feel fantastic!
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This 20-minute FREE quiz can help you pinpoint the possible causes of your fatigue, and offer ways to help.
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Discover the natural approaches and nutritional factors that are key to promoting restful sleep.
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The modern diet has too many of us malnourished. Find out how to get
the nutrition you need.

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Understand the factors that
contribute to pain, and how special
nutrients can help provide relief.

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Learn the important roles that
nutrition and lifestyle play in
keeping you emotionally healthy.

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This Week's Special Offers

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